Companion Animals in Everyday Life: Situating Human-Animal by Michal Piotr Pręgowski

By Michal Piotr Pręgowski

This e-book is an interdisciplinary assortment laying off gentle on human-animal relationships and interactions world wide. The booklet bargains a predominantly empirical examine social and cultural practices with regards to better half animals in Mexico, Poland, the Netherlands, Japan, China and Taiwan, Vietnam, united states, and Turkey between others. It makes a speciality of how canines, cats, rabbits and individuals of different species are perceived and handled in a variety of cultures, highlighting commonalities and modifications among them.

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Il, are not currently available in English. ” This in itself may have cultural foundations, discussed at the end of this chapter. FACTORS THAT MAKE ANIMALS INTO COMPANIONS Why, especially given such broad definitions from so many animal welfare organizations, do we love our cats and dogs so publicly and forget our aquarium fish? Why are the same animals feared, loathed, or shunned in some countries and favored and coddled in others? Interviews with a variety of human guardians will help to shed some light on cultural foundations of animal companionship.

Serpell and Yuying Hsu in their chapter about social attitudes to dogs in Taiwan; as they remind us, in many developing nations, such attitudes are often far from positive. In the Taiwanese case, the perception of canines involves both affective/emotional and instrumental/practical components, although a substantial number of respondents in the Serpell and Hsu study were opposed to capturing and killing stray dogs despite their being a public health and safety hazard. The most important experiential variable contributing to positive affective evaluations of dogs was— perhaps unsurprisingly—the childhood exposure to living with dogs.

Also special to Canadians is the little budgie-bird (thought to be cute and gentle), as well as larger birds, such as the Canadian goose and the swan. ” Likewise, swans can be tough customers, but they are still celebrated in Stratford, Ontario, by, as the interviewee puts it, “parades of mounties and bagpipe players who escort swans down 20 S. ” And Farley Mowat has saved a special place for owls in the hearts of Canadians with his book Owls in the Family. We see cultural stories and literature influencing human perceptions of animals as “cute” or “destructive” very prominently in the UK as well.

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