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21 III. Analysis N u m e r o u s studies o n M a r k ' s u s e o f the O T have e x a m i n e d his technique (Suhl, K e e , Vorster, S c h n e c k ) , his view o f the L a w (Schulz, H o o k e r ) , the i m p a c t o f O T Heilsgeschichte (Farrer, P i p e r , H o b b s , S w a r t l e y , D e r r e t t , Roth), the influence o f J e w i s h / C h r i s t i a n religious observance (Carrington, B o w m a n , G o u l d e r ) , and his attitude to fulfilment (Suhl, Ander s on, K e e , Vorster, Schneck).

1:44). T h r e e other allusions Roth, Hebrew Gospel 25 recalling incidents in M o s e s ' life serve likewise to demonstrate that J e s u s is either M o s e s ' successor (6:34, cf. N u 27:17) or his superior (9:2-13; cf. E x 24:15f; Dt 18:15), w h i l e 9:38-40 (cf. N u 11:26-29) s h o w s J e s u s acting as did Moses. M a r k ' s p r e s e n t a t i o n o f J e s u s ' r e l a t i o n s h i p to the L a w is therefore s o m e w h a t a m b i g u o u s , and results at least o n c e in J e s u s a b r o g a t i n g o n e aspect of the L a w (10:10ff; cf.

I s a i a h in p a r e n t h e s e s : M a r k 1:1a ( 4 0 : 9 ) , 2 - 3 ( 4 0 : 3 ) , 1 0 ( 6 3 : 1 9 a ) , 1 1 ( 4 2 : 1 ) ; 2 : 7 ( 4 3 : 2 5 26), 1 6 - 2 0 (58:2-7), 2 0 (58:8); 3:27 (49:24-25); 4:12 (6:9-10), 2 4 (Tg. 27:8); 5:1-20 (65:1-7); 6:344 4 (55:1-3), 3 9 - 4 0 (25:6), 5 2 (6:9-10); 7:6-7 (29:13), 3 2 (35:5); 8:17b (6:9-10), a n d 2 5 (42:6-7). W i t h M a r c u s b u t pace J u e l , Messianic. 1 9 2 0 Analysis 27 c o r p u s as a m o d e l or p a r a d i g m ... in c o m p o s i n g a n e w w r i t i n g ' (p.

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