Come Follow Me: v. 2 by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

By Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

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When Jesus says, "God is my father," he simply means that "I am continuous with Him; there has never been a separation. He is flowing in me: in my every cell He is flowing. " That is the whole meaning of it, but he uses the word'father' because he is talking to very simple, unsophisticated people. He is talking to real people, not to plastic people; he is not talking in a university. He is talking to real people -- people who are alive. He uses the word'father'. And it is beautiful in a way, because unless religion becomes personal, it remains a philosophy.

I am looking for a young man because my daughter is ready to be married. I have been watching and looking, but you seem to be exactly right. Are you ready? I have only one daughter. " He left; the second disappeared. Now the other three became aware that the old man was not mad. The way was really long and distractions a thousand and one! Now the three decided, "But we will not do such a thing" -- although deep down they were feeling jealous that one man had become a king and another had become a great priest.

Why does Jesus say this? CARRY NEITHER PURSE, NOR SCRIP, NOR SHOES; AND SALUTE NO MAN BY THE WAY. He is saying that now you are so happy and ecstatic, you are so blissful, you have tasted something of the divine -- that is enough to create trouble for you. "Now don't carry a purse -- go like beggars, so that at least they can sympathize with you. You are emperors, but go like beggars. Don't even wear shoes, so you look like a beggar. Only the poorest beggar has no shoes. " That seems to be the reason why Buddha called his sannyasins BHIKKUS, beggars; why Mahavir insisted that you move like beggars.

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