Cognition Vol. 8, No. 1 by William Marslen-Wilson, Lorraine Komisarjevsky Tyler, John

By William Marslen-Wilson, Lorraine Komisarjevsky Tyler, John R. Anderson, L. Jonathan Cohen & Michael Studdert-Kennedy

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In both tasks the Normal Prose and Syntactic Prose intercepts are no longer significantly different. Thus, when the lead-in sentence is removed, responses in Normal and Syntactic Prose start off the sentence with essentially the same degree of facilitation. In addition, there is a significant increase in the steepness of the slopes in Normal Prose but no significant change in Syntactic Prose, in both monitoring tasks. This is consistent with the hypothesis that in Normal Prose, in Experiment 2, both syntactic and semantic constraints are now developing in strength across the sentence, whereas in Syntactic Prose only syntactic constraints can develop, and the rate at which this occurs is unaffected by the presence or absence of a leadin sentence.

01) over Syntactic Prose at the beginning of the sentence of about 50 msec. This difference remains fairly constant over the rest of the sentence. 01) between Normal and Syntactic Prose accompanied by a difference in slope (see Figure 3 and Table 4). 01) in both intercept and slope in all monitoring conditions. Reaction-times differ at the beginning of a sentence, and continue to diverge throughout the rest of the sentence (see Figure 3). Comparing Syntactic Prose and Random Word-Order, the intercepts are the same in Identical and Rhyme monitoring, but the scores diverge throughout the rest of the sentence (Figure 3).

That is, the semantic attribute-matching process has become more independent of the word-recognition process and this brings into play a number of factors that cumulatively slow down the attribute analysis process, thereby counteracting the increasing facilitation of responses over word-positions at the word-recognition level. What now has to be determined is how the removal of the lead-in sentence can have these lasting effects on semantic attribute analysis in Normal Prose Category monitoring.

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