Chariots of the Gods: Unsolved Mysteries of the Past by Erich von Daniken

By Erich von Daniken

The writer makes an attempt to give an explanation for such puzzling archaeological discoveries because the stone figures on Easter Island and diverse temple and cave drawings.

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The Mayan legend, the Popol Vuh, tells us that the "gods" were able to recognize everything: the universe, the four cardinal points of the compass, and even the round shape of the earth. What are the Eskimos doing talking about metal birds? Why do the Indians mention a thunderbird? How are the ancestors of the Mayas supposed to have known that the earth is round? The Mayas were intelligent; they had a highly developed culture. They left behind not only a fabulous calendar but also incredible calculations.

Behind the being I saw a chariot which had wheels of fire, and every wheel was full of eyes all around, and on the wheels was a throne and this was covered with fire that flowed around it" (Apocryphal Book of Abraham 18:11-12. According to Gershom Scholem's explanation, the throne and chariot symbolism of the Jewish mystics corresponded roughly to that of the Hellenistic and early Christian mystics when they talk about pleroma (abundance of light). That is a respectable explanation, but can it be accepted as scientifically proved?

In other words, the radioactive chaos will fall on the advanced, most highly developed peoples. Savages and primitive peoples far away from the centers of civilization will be left. They will not be able to transmit our culture or even give an account of it, because they have never taken part in it. Even intelligent men and visionaries who tried to preserve an underground library will not have been able to help the future a great deal. "Normal" libraries will be destroyed in any case, and the surviving primitive peoples will know nothing of the hidden secret libraries.

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