Building Influence in the Workplace: How to Gain and Retain by Aryanne Oade

By Aryanne Oade

Introduces you to a invaluable set of instruments allowing you to construct impression, advertise your pursuits and get buy-in for your plans and recommendations. The publication will enable you determine your individual place of work values and people of your key colleagues and know how to maintain the impact you've gotten already received and stand by way of your values less than pressure.

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Recognizing when to let an issue go entirely, and when to handle an issue with a light touch. In my view ‘having influence’ is actually a misnomer. This term makes it sound as if the influence somehow resides within the influential person themselves, and that they call on it whenever they want to exert it. I don’t think it actually works like this. I think the influence that pertains to an individual is actually an indicator of the quality of their relationships with their colleagues. No one can have influence in a vacuum, without relationships within which to be influential.

Get frustrated if your co-workers are unfriendly or critical of you. ■ Get bored if your work involves significant amounts of routine activity. ■ Could be seen as someone who is political and tricky to deal with. ■ Could be regarded as someone who avoids responsibility when under pressure, and who loses sight of the goals toward which you are working. When seeking to build influence with colleagues you are likely to emphasize how your plans will enhance reputations and build prestige. You create politically astute arguments and sell your proposals adroitly, positioning them cleverly to appeal to as many opinion formers as possible.

She thinks that they will bestow liking and respect on her because of her position. It doesn’t occur to her that she cannot simply assume that the good relationships she currently enjoys with her colleagues will automatically be maintained in her new role should she start to use a different approach, one characterized by a heightened sense of her own status. And given the way she is talking, this is a distinct possibility. Her boss could be forgiven for starting to think twice about going through with his plans to promote her.

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