Buddhist Monastic Discipline: The Sanskrit Pratimoksa Sutras by Charles S. Prebish

By Charles S. Prebish

Major monastic texts, from 4th and seventh centuries CE. introductory chapters, notes, and concordance. rep. 1974 ed.

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However, I deviate considerably from his placement of the rules into the various categories. 54 Thomas, The History of Buddhist Thought, p. 20. 55 Pachow, A Comparative Study of the Prdtimoksa, Vol. IV, 1. p. 27. ,-\o\. IV, 2, p. 69. 57 Oldenberg, The Vinaya Pitakam, Vol. II, p. 93 (Cullavagga IV. 16). , Vol. II, p. 11). , Vol. II, pp. 2). , Vol. II, p. 94 (Cullavagga IV. 17). 61 Horner, The Book of the Discipline, Vol. Ill, pp. 153-154, n. 6. See also Oldenberg, The Vinaya Pitakam, Vol. II, pp.

12. Therefore, you should be united together harmoniously, be dignified, serve one another, and understand the King of Dharma. Grief is permanently subdued in the state of Nirvana. Introduction Leader: So many people who have passed beyond, who are well disposed, skilled in purity, who have attained the final end, and who are of [good] conduct have been counted by counting sticks and are seated [here]. No nuns are here. 9 Therefore, pay respect to the Sravakas of the Blessed One, who are always pure and of completely pure sila.

In the Posadhasthapanavastu, the Buddha refuses to recite the Pratimoksa because one of the monks present in the assembly is not completely pure. 103 If the Pratimoksa Sutra recitation, in fact, served anything more than a purely ritual function, why must complete purity be declared before the ceremony? With preannounced complete purity, the only offenses subject to confession during the actual recitation would be those that were remembered while the recitation was in progress or those concealed previously but now confessed.

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