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The effort to avoid, s. padhàna. avyàkata: lit. e. e. amoral, states of consciousness and mental factors. g. e. neither karmic nor karma-resultant. See Tab. I. ). avyàpàda: ‘hatelessness’, non-ill-will, goodness; is one of the three kinds of right thought (s. sacca, IV. ) and is the 9th of the 10 wholesome courses of actions (kammapatha II. ). - 61 - The most frequently used synonyms are adosa (s. måla) and mettà (s. brahma-vihàra). awakenment: s. bodhi. àyatana: 1. ‘spheres’, is a name for the four immaterial absorptions; s.

Anupubba-vihàra: the 9 ‘successive abodes’, are identical with the 9 anupubba-nirodha (s. above). In A. IX, 33 they are called successive attainments (anupubba-samàpatti). ànupubbã-kathà: ‘gradual instruction’, progressive sermon; given by the Buddha when it was necessary to - 41 - prepare first the listener’s mind before speaking to him on the advanced teaching of the Four Noble Truths. g. D. 3; D. 14; M. ), on moral conduct (sãla) and on the heavens (sagga); he explained the peril, the vanity and the depravity of sensual pleasures, and the advantages of renunciation.

In the Girimànanda Sutta (A. , 50), however, the perception of impurity (asubha-sa¤¤à) refers to the contemplation of the 32 parts of the body (s. kàya-gatà-sati). The contemplation of the body’s impurity is an antidote against the hindrance of sense-desire (s. ) which sees what is truly impure as pure and beautiful. See S. XLVI, 51; A. V. 36, Dhp. 7, 8; Sn. 193ff. – The Five Mental Hindrances (Wheel 26), pp. 5ff. ). atappa: ‘the unworried’, is the name of a class of deities (s. ) has his last rebirth.

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