Armageddon (Armageddon Roleplaying Game) by CJ Carella

By CJ Carella

For many years, symptoms have advised of a coming Reckoning. Its special nature used to be unknown. a few anticipated a brand new sunrise for humankind - a golden age. Others issued dire warnings. honestly, it used to be worse...far worse. The close to destiny has arrived and the tidings are grim. An old strength is reborn and the final word clash to figure out the future of humankind is underway. Fought via forces mundane, celestial, demonic and otherworldly, it has ravaged towns, plundered lands, and taken doom to hundreds of thousands. Angels and devils stroll the Earth once more and the outdated Gods have again. may also this be sufficient to prevent the relentless darkness? Armageddon is an entire role-playing online game. In it, you can find: a wonderful atmosphere full of angels, demons, gods, supernatural servants...and the people suffering to outlive or even triumph. certain personality production principles ranging in strength point from common people to gods. the last word exposition of the Unisystem, a common video game mechanic absolutely appropriate with CJ Carella's Witchcraft, All Flesh has to be Eaten, Terra Primate and different Unisystem video games. a short review of the categories of guns utilized in the final word conflict, from knives to the Holy Fist tank. historical past info at the strongest of the wartime our bodies: The Alliance, Heavenly Host, Infernal Legion, hotel of the timeless, Pantheons and Watchers. quite a few metaphysical arts together with Magic, the Sight, Necromancy, Divine thought and Spirit consumers. Specifics at the capacities, powers and boundaries of a range on non-human entities, from angels to immortals to Primal beings. negative wisdom of the Adversary's host, together with Adepts, parabiologicals and undead.

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