Antropologica, n. 52, 1979 by Instituto Caribe de Antropologia y Sociologia de la

By Instituto Caribe de Antropologia y Sociologia de la Fundacion La Salle

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Further, though these inferior peoples might advance in the evolutionary scale, since the superior would also advance the differences between them would probably remain much the same or become even more exaggerated. Peculiarly appropriate to a society in which the rich got richer and the poor poorer, and to a business ethic which held survival, fitness and success to be dependent upon superior moral capacities for hard work, foresight, risk-taking and initiative, evolutionism, given the imprimatur of science, was as convenient to the tasks of imperial expansion as it was supportive of those maintaining or gaining rank or status at home.

Nonliterate peoples had no history that the number of researchers and current techniques could reveal. " came to be answered by recourse to numbers of varied and ad hoc hypotheses which grew more and more exaggerated as time passed. As a set of interrelated and organized disciplines, anthropology lost direction and became the plaything of the interested amateur, an easy prey to assertion and opinion. 34 Anthropology and the Australian Aboriginal Not until toward the end of the first quarter of this century did the study of culture again cohere into a more or less specific universe of discourse.

At this point, for many, social and cultural anthropology began. Second, the sustained critique of Christian teaching —and it was traditional Christian theology alone which held rational objectivity and participation in oneness in a crucial synthetic balance —placed rational objectivity and participation in oneness in a taut and unsynthesized opposition. Whilst some addressed themselves to the worship of reason, rationality, sober judgment, and the development of what was to become science and scientific method, others engaged in orgies of participatory sexual promiscuity, murder, mayhem, and religious enthusiasm.

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