Anti-Capitalism by Ezequiel Adamovsky

By Ezequiel Adamovsky

In Anti-Capitalism, activist and student Ezequiel Adamovsky tells the tale of the long-standing attempt to construct a greater international, one with out an abusive method at its middle. sponsored up by means of arresting, lucid photos from the novel artist workforce United Illustrators, Adamovsky information the fight opposed to emerging company energy, as that fight unfolds within the halls of academia, within the pages of radical newspapers, and within the jungles and the streets. From Marx in the course of the conflict of Seattle and past, Adamovsky lines the ideals and politics of the most important figures within the anticapitalist culture and explores smooth experiments in development alternative ways of dwelling, within the approach offering an indispensible primer for a person drawn to discovering possible choices to the so-called "best approach we have"—and somebody attracted to becoming a member of the struggle.

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Multiplicity (Subject; people; working class and multitude; negotiation of differences; mutual recognition; consensus); 7. Political action tailored for every situation (Programs, models and slogans; experience; true “objective” and “not knowing”); 8. Globalizing the struggle (Internationalism; Empire; local/global; national culture); 9. Direct Action and civil disobedience (Plurality of tactics; legitimacy of actions); 10. Creativity and happiness (Culture of war/culture of creation; private life; “frivolity tactic”; art and politics) ANTI-CAPITALISM’S NEW MOVEMENTS, NETWORKS, AND ACTIONS Indigenous people enter the stage: the Zapatistas (Peoples’ Global Action); Peasants defend their way of life: Landless Workers Movement and Via Campesina; Workers refuse to live in exclusion: the Piqueteros and Occupied Factory Movement; Women against exploitation and patriarchy: World March of Women; Ecologists defend the planet and public spaces: Save the Narmada and Reclaim the Streets; Immigrants challenge borders and racism: the No Borders network; The Poor resist privatization: the Anti-privatization forum; Alternative Media: from political art and the “communication guerrilla” to Indymedia; Building communication and action network coalitions: The World Social Forum and other experiences; A movement of movements: The Battle of Seattle and Global Action Days NO “PROGRAMS,” BUT LOTS OF IDEAS Ideas that circulate in global networks; Some proposals for partial change; Redistribution of global income; Control over movement of capital; Solutions for the Environmental Crisis; Social salary; Global citizenship; Participatory democracy / Direct democracy; Non-commercial exchange; Some proposals for integral change OPEN ENDING The anti-capitalists Anti-capitalists are those of us who feel that much of the suffering in the world is the result of an unjust social system: capitalism.

Social classes under capitalism: the bourgeoisie The dominant class under capitalism—called the bourgeoisie—is defined by the amount and type of economic resources that they control. The bourgeoisie gain ownership of the means of production through the possession of property such as land, companies, machines, money, banks, etc. However, often the bourgeoisie can control economic resources without necessarily being owners—for example, when corporate stocks are sold to thousands of small shareholders and only a group of big businessmen control the company.

Class power can be instituted in many ways; furthermore, it can be justified and organized through a series of institutions, norms, habits and ideas. In the Middle Ages, for example, feudal lords were considered noble due to their birth line and were given the duty of protecting the population from wars; this is why peasants had to pay taxes or work for them for free. In India, it was believed that certain people who were considered descendents of gods had more importance than others, which is why they formed part of a superior caste.

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