American Voices: How Dialects Differ from Coast to Coast by Walt Wolfram, Ben Ward

By Walt Wolfram, Ben Ward

American Voices is a set of brief, readable descriptions of varied American dialects, written through best researchers within the box. written via most sensible researchers within the box and comprises Southern English, New England speech, Chicano English, Appalachian English, Canadian English, and California English, between many others attention-grabbing examine the total variety of yankee social, ethnic, and local dialects written for the lay individual

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Such pronunciations can sometimes be heard in Charleston now, but the level of usage is much lower than in, for example, Columbia, South Carolina. ” For example, words such as bid or bed are pronounced as bih-eed and beh-eed in many parts of the South, but not in Charleston. Though Charleston speech may be slowly acquiring these Southern features and one day may sound like the speech of the rest of the South, for now it remains a marginal Southern dialect. It is still different from everyone else’s, as it always has been.

This same bit of variation is found in parts of the British Isles, especially Scotland. Another Scottish link is found in the Appalachian pattern of adding an -s in sentences like The dogs walks and The people goes. The Scots-Irish Kirk Hazen and Ellen Fluharty 19 AVC03 19 21/7/05, 10:47 AM heritage of Appalachian English is further evident in the use of a-prefixing, as in He went a-hunting. A-prefixing is generally used to mean that the action is going on at that moment. One often overlooked aspect of Appalachian English heritage is the dialects’ relationship to Southern English and African American Vernacular English (AAVE).

In fact, next time you visit the Smokies, ask for directions and you’re likely to hear Where you’ns from? Although outsiders may think that “mountain talk” is unsophisticated or uneducated, the complex features briefly surveyed here indicate that this dialect is anything but simple. The people of the Smoky Mountains have created and maintained a dialect that reflects both their history and their identity. This dialect is quite distinct both linguistically and socially. As you will hear when you visit the area, mountain talk displays and preserves local tradition, culture, and experience.

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