Aliphatic Carcinogens. Structural Bases and Biological by Joseph C. Arcos, Yin-Tak Woo, Mary F. Argus

By Joseph C. Arcos, Yin-Tak Woo, Mary F. Argus

Chemical Induction of melanoma: Structural Bases and organic Mechanisms quantity IIIA bargains with the natural and biochemical rules at the back of cancer.

This quantity comprises the continuation of quantity IIA, which tackles structure-activity relationships of chemical cancer causing agents, the impression of chemical reactivity, molecular geometry, and metabolism on carcinogenic task. below this is often non-conjugated natural compounds.

The textual content is suggested for medical professionals, natural chemists, and biochemists with a sophisticated wisdom in biochemistry and natural chemistry and want to understand extra the biochemical methods of melanoma.

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The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health is currently conducting extensive studies on the possible formation of bis(chloromethyl) ether in such workplaces (139). In addition to hydrochloric acid and formaldehyde, a number of other chemicals are potential reactants for the formation of bis(chloromethyl) ether. Gamble (144) reported the detection of the α-chloroalkyl ether in an animal room that had been washed with a 15% hypochlorite solution followed by routine gassing with formaldehyde.

59/1000/yr 0. 5 4 / 1 3 6 / 1 8 y r 0. 5 7 / 1 0 0 / 5 y r 0. 0 2 4 / 3 2 / 1 6 y r C a n c e r i n c i d e n c e in c o n t r o l g r o u p (Y ) 3. 96 208 Increased risk (X/Y) Increased Risk of Respiratory Cancers after Exposure to Bis(chloromethyl) Ether and/or Chloromethyl Methyl Ether Table XVIII < 0. 01 - - - - < 0. 0017 < 0. 1 Direct-Acting Carcinogens | 45 much lower than was previously anticipated (96). This has significantly ex­ panded the potential site of bis(chloromethyl) ether exposure to any place where high atmospheric levels of hydrochloric acid and formaldehyde may coexist.

The suspicion of occupationally induced neoplasia was first raised in 1952 when a male worker aged 30 years, exposed for 16 months in the early 1940s, died of bronchial cancer (72). The association between mustard gas expo­ sure and respiratory cancer grew stronger as more cases were observed among exposed workers (73, 74). Covering the period of 1952 to 1967, Wada et al. (75) reported that among 495 (98% male) former employees who had manufactured mustard gas, 33 developed cancer of the respiratory tract.

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