Aeroelasticity by Raymond L. Bisplinghoff, Holt Ashley, Robert L.Halfman

By Raymond L. Bisplinghoff, Holt Ashley, Robert L.Halfman

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Ethiopian-manufactured G-1648 Eshet with side panels removed. Such access permits quick and simple maintenance procedures and easy clearning. Steel tube structure off G-164 fuselage nearing completion at Schweizer plant. ~ -" ~ I~ '~" Right wing N-strut and aileron interconnection strut from rear. ~ Right wing N-strut and aileron interconnection strut from front. Left wing N-strut and aileron interconnector strut from side. 37 Left side cabane struts and trailing edge of wing centersection. Parabolic mirrors permit wide-field aft view.

Parking Brake Valve Hopper door is equipped with four latches and two hinges to provide access to hopper. Hopper can accommodate dust or liquidS. Bartlebaugh sump is located under center section offuselage. In this view, the sump door is open. Bartlebaugh sump when viewed from front. Hinged door allows complete draining ofhopper. 45 Spreader Assembly G·164A/B Hopper Doors "'''' G·164C Hopper Doors LATCH 1. Wind Drive Agitator 2. Gate Box 3. "A"Frame 4. Bearing 5. Emerency Dump Latch 6. Mounting Hinges 7.

_. \. \ . 1. Cotter Pin 2. Nut 3. Washer 4. Fork 5. Spacer 6. Axle Bolt 7. Nut 8. Washers 9. Wooden Plug 10. Upper Shaft 11. Lower Shaft 12. Bolts 13. Bushing 14. Base Fitting 15. Base Bushing 16. Nut 17. Washer 18. Spring Retaining Plate 19. Screw 20. Springs 21. Swivel Plate 22. Woodruff Key 23. Friction Plate 24. Retainer Ring 25. Cam Plate 26. Cam Lock Plate 27. Spring 28. Dowel Pins 29. Cover 30. Washer 31. Bolt 32. Olite Bushing 33. "OURing 34. Steering Horn 35.

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