A Systematic Catalogue of Eight Scale Insect Families by Yair Ben-Dov

By Yair Ben-Dov

A scientific Catalogue of Soft-Scale bugs is a synthesis and catalogue of the entire details released on 8 households of scale bugs (Hemiptera: Coccoidea) all over the world from 1758 to the current. information is equipped on their right medical names, universal names, synonyms, taxonomy, host vegetation, distribution, normal enemies, biology, and fiscal significance. This ebook might be a precious compendium of organic and systematic details for zoologists, entomologists, crop security experts, quarantine officials, scholars learning entomology and similar disciplines, and others who require information regarding scale bugs for study and keep watch over tasks. households covered:* Aclerdidae - fifty seven species in five genera* Asterolecaniidae - 229 species in 21 genera* Beesoniidae - 15 species in 6 genera* Carayonemidae - four species in four genera* Conchaspididae - 29 species in four genera* Dactylopiidae - 10 species in 1 genus* Kerriidae - ninety seven species in nine genera* Lecanodiaspididae - eighty two species in 12 genera

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Description of first-instar by Borchsenius (1960d). KEYS: Wang 1994: 259 (female) [Aclerda species, China]; Yang 1982: 194 (female) [Aclerda species, China]; Kawai 1980: 135 (female) [Aclerda species, Japan]; Borchsenius 1960d: 261 (female) [Aclerda species, Russia]; Borchsenius 1960d: 261 (first instar) [Aclerda species, Russia]; McConnell 1954: 25 (female) [Aclerda species, World]; McConnell 1954: 31 (larva) [Aclerda species, World]. CITATIONS: AgarwaSi1964 [host, distribution, economic importance: 3]; Ali1970a [taxonomy, host, distribution: 133]; Borchs1960d [taxonomy, description, host, distribution: 267-268]; Box1953 [host, distribution: 51]; Cocker1896h [taxonomy, description, host, distribution: 19]; Cocker1899j [taxonomy, description: 263]; Cocker1902k [taxonomy: 453]; FangWuXu2001 [host, distribution: 104]; Fernal1903b [catalogue: 211]; Ferris1920b [taxonomy, description, illustration, host, distribution: 33-34]; Gill1993 [taxonomy, description, illustration, host, distribution: 125-126, 128]; Kawai1972 [host, distribution: 10]; Kawai1980 [taxonomy, host, distribution: 19, 135]; Koteja1974b [taxonomy: 82]; KozarDr1998 [catalogue: 13]; KrishnMa2002 [host, distribution, economic importance, control: 120-126]; Kuwana1902b [distribution: 135]; Kuwana1907 [taxonomy, ACLERDIDAE CATALOGUE 19 host, distribution: 187]; Kuwana1917a [distribution: 173]; Kuwana1932a [taxonomy, description, illustration, host, distribution: 58-62]; McConn1954 [taxonomy, description, illustration, host, distribution: 99-100]; MacGil1921 [distribution: 182]; Newste1901a [taxonomy, description, illustration, host, distribution: 84-85]; Ramakr1921a [host, distribution: 345]; Tao1989 [catalogue: 59]; Tao1999 [taxonomy, host, distribution: 50]; Teague1925 [taxonomy, description, illustration, host, distribution: 439-440]; Varshn1985a [catalogue: 22]; Varshn1992 [host, distribution: 67]; Wang1994 [taxonomy, description, illustration, host, distribution: 263]; Willia1985a [taxonomy: 222].

Aclerda thysanolaenae Mamet, 1943: 125. Type data: MAURITIUS: Rose Hill, on Thysanolaena agrostis. Holotype female. Type depository: Paris: Museum National d’Histoire naturelle, France. Synonymy by McConnell, 1954: 91. STRUCTURE: Colour photograph in Kawai (1980, Figs. 2, a,b). HOST PLANTS: Gramineae: Agropyrum [Signor1874, Teague1925, McConn1954, Borchs1960d], Agropyrum intermedium [McConn1954], Brachypodium ramosum [Parker1960], Milium [Signor1874], Miscanthus [McConn1954], Saccharum arundinaceum [Takaha1952], Saccharum indicum [McConn1954], Saccharum officinalis [Hempel1932, Kuwana1932a, Ali1970a, Karam1991, Varshn1992], Saccharum spontaneum [Varshn1992], Stipa bromoides [Foldi2000], Thysanolaena agrostis [Mamet1943, McConn1954].

CITATIONS: Ali1970a [taxonomy: 133]; McConn1954 [taxonomy, description, illustration, host, distribution: 105-107]. Lecanaclerda Hodgson & Millar Lecanaclerda Hodgson & Millar, 2002: 471. Type species: Lecanaclerda macropoda Hodgson & Millar, by monotypy and original designation. GENERAL: Definition and characters by Hodgson & Millar (2002). KEYS: Hodgson & Millar 2002: 513 (female) [Genera of family]. CITATIONS: HodgsoMi2002IM [taxonomy, description: 469-517]. Lecanaclerda macropoda Hodgson & Millar Lecanaclerda macropoda Hodgson & Millar, 2002: 474.

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