A Circus of Hells by Poul Anderson

By Poul Anderson

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Some air had been lost, and replenished from the reserve tanks, but there was no further leakage. Evidently the hull had cracked, not too badly for self-sealing but enough to make him doubt the feasibility of returning to space without repairs. Inboard damage must be worse, for the grav field was off--he moved under Wayland's half a terrestrial g with a bounding ease that roused no enthusiasm in him--and, oh-oh indeed, the nuclear generator was dead. Light, heat, air and water cycles, everything was running off the accumulators.

Beneath it, his pulse racketed--and not simply because of the money, the risk, the enjoyment. He had come here on a hunch, doubtless generated by equal parts of curiosity and boredom. He had stayed with the idea that, if the project seemed too hazardous, he could indeed betray Ammon and apply for duty that would keep him beyond range of assassins. Now abruptly a vision was coming to him, hazy, uncertain, and gigantic. Chapter III Djana was hard to shock. " broke free as a near scream. "Do not be alarmed," said the squatting shape.

Listen. Five hundred years ago, the Polesotechnic League had a base here. " Flandry, who had similarly tamed his excitement into alertness, nodded wistfully. He would much rather have lived in the high and spacious days of the trader princes, when no distance and no deed looked too vast for man, than in this twilight of empire. " he said. "Right. However, a few underground installations survived. Not in good shape. Not safe to go into. Tunnels apt to collapse, full of nightskulks--you know. Now I thought those vaults might be useful for--Never mind.

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