1001 Horrible Facts by Anne Rooney

By Anne Rooney

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In Korea, it is sometimes buried in clay pots with salt for many months before it’s eaten – this dish is called kimchi, and is served with most meals. Alligator kebabs are popular in southern Louisiana, USA. In Fiji, people starve a pig for a week, then feed it veal when it is very hungry. A few hours later, they kill the pig and remove the half-digested veal, which they cook and eat. What to do with all the rattle snakes? Skin them, gut them, cut them into chunks, cover in batter and deep fry.

He tried to make soup from an elephant’s trunk, but even after several days’ cooking it was still too chewy. ECA6087C-5717-411F-85E9-72349DFE15C2 Birds nest soup is a delicacy in China. The nest is soaked in water to soften it, then any sticks and feathers are removed before it is made into a gluey, sticky soup.

In Sweden and Norway, roast reindeer is a national dish. Many cheap meat products such as sausages and burgers are made from ‘mechanically recovered meat’ which consists of a meat slurry collected from washing bones and mincing up parts of the dead animal that aren’t used for anything else. In the Philippines, chicken heads may be made into stew or barbecued whole. Jellyfish are eaten dried and salted in some parts of the world. And in the Gilbert Islands, jellyfish ovaries are served fried. ECA6087C-5717-411F-85E9-72349DFE15C2 Aztecs gave people who were to be human sacrifices many last meals – they fattened them up for up to a year.

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